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There’s never been a better time for beauty. Buoyed by the sheer number of millennial consumers who have the mere desire to be tagged Instagram worthy and their constant craving for the new and latest trends, with all this going on, the beauty industry is thriving and expanding rapidly. Revenues for the U.S. beauty industry alone toppled up to a whopping $56+ billion annually. Globally, both the beauty and personal care industry is expected to surpass $750 billion by the year 2024, up from the past $432.7 billion in 2016. And it’s not all about women anymore but has gotten to a whole lot new and even broader level. Here are a few listed beauty products that will strike a balance and boost up the global sales of beauty products this year:

Striking oil: Oils continue to be a considerable skin care trend this year. According to the reports of Pinterest, which has recently released its top 100 trend predictions for 2019, repins of “cleansing oil” are up by whole 555%. Watch out for more oils that help to protect and moisturize face, lips, and body to continue to take off.

Beauty gadgets: they are also gadgets that can help make your skin care products even more effective and will surely benefit from customers desire to get most from their products, devices like the Derma rollers or facial rollers can do all these and even more. Ranging from ice or needle rollers to jade and quartz, these tools can also help the consumers recreate the spa experience back home.

Shelter from the sun: skin protection is a fast-growing concern worldwide with particular attention to products that promise to shield consumers from the rays of the sun and everyday pollution. UV-filtering antioxidant products are very much popular as the ozone shrinks and more and more people congregate in urban settlements.

Lashing out: now that consumers have done everything possible to decorating their brows, 2019 features a renewed focus on eyes. Research from Pinterest showed that “lashes” are up to 152% and with new mascaras launching seemingly every day, and there’s no shortage of product to fulfill customers’ needs. Bright eyeliners, as well as eye shadows, are favorite too.

Cleaning up: the latest trend, concerning future marketing insights, is clean color cosmetics which offers formulations without the natural look, these products offer full coverage, severe pigmentation, and plenty of staying power.

Nailed it: the art associated with nails shows no sign of fading anytime soon. Mintel market research shows that the nail treatment category is especially hot, and as consumers seek to care more for their nail health the same way, they do care for their skin.

Custom combination: personalization is the biggest of all trends in the fashion and beauty industry for the year 2018 and its fast spreading to 2019. Ranging from the shade of the foundations or the “slip” of their moisturizer, consumers expect to mix and match different products and brands to get precisely what they want.

Trending themes in the year’s beauty industry keep on changing and upgrading as the industry never ceases to stop changing as every day some latest innovations and ideas can help better the consumer and make beauty accessible and safe.

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